Learn how cryptocurrency works
DemoCoin - blockchain with Golang
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Understand how bitcoin and blockchain works with simplest example.

Simple Bitcoin clone

Bitcoin code is complex. It is not best option to learn how cryptos work. I decided to create simpler crypto, but fully functional

Golang programming language

I like Golag programming language and i think it is one of best options to build blockchain software

Make Cryptocurrency

The code can be easy update to build new cryptocurrency. You can only change the title and location of initial list of nodes. Make your genesis block and you are done!


The project was created with education purposes. But it is fully functional as cryptocurrency

  • The application is command line tool. No GUI yet
  • The app has "full node" (aka bitcoin core) and light wallet
  • Blockchain conensus is same as for bitcin - Proof of Work (PoW)
  • "Mining" is simpler then bitcoin. 10-12 seconds to find a block
  • The Golang was used. Mostly "pure", no many package relattionships
  • There is the cache of "unspent transactions outputs" and "pending transactions" on a node
  • It is possible to start own blockchain, not just connect to existent
  • As the DB to keep blocks and other data i used github.com/boltdb/bolt.

Try It!

Use this code to learn how cryptocurrency works and experiments


I don't have istallation packages yet. Now it is possible onlyto compile the app to try it.
Please, back to this web site soon to have installation packages for different platforms.

Clone the code from github repo. There are instructions on how to compile



Experiments with a blockchain consensus algorithm will be the next steps in this project.

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If you have any questions, contact Roman Gelembjuk

Email: roman@gelembjuk.com